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The Perfect Bread Loaf is waiting for You!

If you dream of a bread-making set, ready to make professional looking leaves with your delicious bread sourdough, our artisan bread making kit has the banneton basket and premium baking tools to make it a reality.

Our Banneton baskets are specially crafted to guide and shape your bread dough as it goes through its final rise. With an angle that is not too steep to hold the flour and lightweight to carry around, our baking set includes a round bannoton that is 9 x 3.5 inches and an oval banneton with 10 x 5 x 3 inches with a high capacity to make smaller or larger loaves. Each dough can be released with no issues, use with or without the liners for a consistent and delicious crust.

Our metal dough scraper has a thin and straight edge, rigid, makes it perfect for cutting vertically through any rolled dough. Made with a stainless steel body and a steady and comfortable rubber handle, the metal scraper on our banneton kit has a ruler on its edge, making it very practical to get your dough with the perfect thickness. This bench scraper is multifunctional, beautiful, and durable to resist all your bread adventures.

What's included in

Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Set

  • 1 X 9 Inch Round Banneton with Cloth Liner.
  • 1 X 10 Inch Oval Banneton with Cloth Liner.
  • 1 X Multipurpose Metal Dough Cutter.
  • 1 X Multipurpose Plastic Dough Scraper.
  • 1 X Multipurpose Dough Whisk
  • 1 X Wood Handle Bread Lame.
  • 1X Basket Cleaning Brush
  • 5 X Blades with Blade Cover.
  • 1 X 4Pages Basket Maintenance Manual
About this item


Have the best of both round and oval loaf breads with our banneton proofing basket set. Perfect to create different shapes of homemade bread, this set includes a round banneton that is 9 x 3.5 inches and an oval banneton that has 10 x 5 x 3 inches of delicious bread space. These proofing baskets are odor-free, easy to clean & store, and work like a charm for professional or beginner home bakers. A game-changer proofing bowl offer to make all your loaf’s dreams come true.

About this item


Our complete set of sourdough bread baking supplies come with top-quality sourdough banneton baskets, basket linen cloth liner, metal dough scraper to divide and portion your dough, plastic scraper to scrap without scratchand, a wooden sourdough lame for bread designing, a handy dough whisk for mixing and a basket cleaning brush. Made of natural rattan, our bread proofers are handcrafted resulting in bread rising baskets that are lightweight, durable.

About this item


Take your bread making journey to a new level with our bread making tools and supplies. Comfortable to hold and move around, these proofing baskets for bread baking are efficient with or without the linen, weakening the moisture away from your bread surface for an irresistible crispy and round crust; the spiral patterns will add texture & volume to your raising dough, producing a unique design that you transform at any time with the sharp lame.

About this item


Homemade bread has the capacity to warm all hearts and homes, and our sourdough kit is made for those moments. With bread tools that are practical to use, easy to wash and air dry before storing, our sourdough bread kit is a gifted to any bread baking lover. We know that the art of making bread has nothing but love; spread the feeling with your loved ones, gifting them with our sourdough starter kit and build memories of a lifetime.

About this item


You are making a gratifying decision to do business with our company. Bread Art’s banneton basket, bread bowl and bread tools are created to make baking easier and fun for kids and adults, without extra equipment or gadgets. We stand behind the excellence of our brand, and our promise is to provide you with the best baking tools around or your money back. Add our baking kit to your cart and experience our amazing customer service.

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