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Washing Your Bannetons

Washing Proofing Baskets Banneton baskets are pretty low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Typically you just let the baskets air dry after each use! When you must wash your baskets here’s how it’s done. Dust off excess flour Rinse lightly with water Scrub with brush (don’t use soap!) Generously cover with rice flour Air dry Tap out excess flour Store in…

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Caring for your bannetons

Conditioning bannetons New bannetons are not ready for use until they have been conditioned for a couple of uses. They work best with a thin build-up of flour and moisture. This helps to mediate moisture and providing a good surface to retain dusting flour. The dough will rise well and leave the banneton smoothly before…

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Preparing and using bread lames

Prepping your Bread Lame    1.       Open a fresh blade    2.       Make sure your blade is aiming the opposite direction of the “bend” in the metal rod   3.       Using the lowest hole slide the blade onto the rod    4.       It should be going the opposite direction of the rods bend***   5.       Slide the top hole on the rod    6.       It should make a…

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